Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day Sixteen--Henrietta!

One of my favorite stories from the Gilbert El days was our "unofficial mascot,"  Henrietta.   Henrietta was a chicken who arrived on our campus one day and stayed for almost eight years!  And she was quite a character!!!

She knew to stay away from the children.  She lived in the bushes and trees around campus.   After it appeared that Henrietta was going to be a permanent tiger, different teachers starting buying chicken feed for her.  They even supplied it during the summer months.

One time, some people found Henrietta a companion, Big Red.  That didn't last long because Big Red didn't like the children and would go after them.   Henrietta got away from them, but Big Red had a different temperament........ so he had to leave!!

There were times that Henrietta would be upset because there wasn't any food.  If the classroom door was open, she would go in and "cluck" to make sure that she was fed properly!!!   One of the teachers even had her come in during Parent/Teacher conferences to complain about not having food!  In addition, she left a little "calling card" to register her displeasure!

At one point, I wrote different things down that happened with Henrietta because I thought it would make a great children's book should I decide to attempt to write one some day.  However, I can't find it.   So if anyone reading this remembers any Henrietta stories, please share.

We don't know exactly what finally happened to her.  All of a sudden after many years, she was no longer there.   Some chicken feathers were found around the campus.   I have no idea how long a chicken lives, but Henrietta had quite a long tenure at Gilbert El!

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